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Le Workshop M is your French Sales & Marketing strategic advisor.

After 25 years of management in sales & marketing positions, in both French and international corporations, I have decided to create Le Workshop M in order to share my experience and expertise with companies of all kinds.

Regardless of their size, companies must face many challenges for which there are often no in-house resources or expertise.

I assist my clients through consulting and skills training while respecting their culture and universe.

This support can vary depending on the needs:

  • One-off survey, or training program, for a specific subject or a limited period (market survey, new market assessment, product management training…),
  • Recurring support,
  • Long term support, part-time management.

With Le Workshop M, I recommend a pragmatic “close to the customer” approach, while giving a high-level vision.

Don’t tell my mum I am in marketing,
she thinks I am a strategic consultant!

Laurent Pons


At Le Workshop M, we offer a tailored approach based on exchanges and reactiveness to offer your colleagues a customized program based on case studies aligned with their concerns.

  • Teams empowerment
  • Create a product management culture
  • Product management training
  • Building the product plan
  • Competition analysis


Marketing is not a swear word! It provides value to the customer as well as to the manufacturer/service provider.

Marketing explores the market to better understand the customers’ usages and habits in order to deliver a product/service creating more value.

Marketing starts from the market and then goes back to the market.

From market surveys to new territory assessment, from products or customers segmentation to global price strategy set-up, Le Workshop M will be on your side to create value for your company and your customers.

  • New market opportunities assessment
  • Market surveys
  • New territory assessment
  • Product plan set-up
  • Pricing strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Market intelligence


Is your sales organization in line with your ambitions and targets? Is your sales team staffed and trained to face the challenges you have raised?

What kind of distribution channels did you put in place: direct sales or through a dealer network? How efficient is it?

On which territory(ies) does your company operate? You want to explore new territories but do not feel comfortable outside your boundaries? And, by the way, how to find a good distributor across the world or… in France?

How did you build you price list? Did you set-up a discount structure and process? Is it efficient?

What are the different steps of your customer’s journey? Who is in contact with your customers before, during and after the sale? Your team or your network?

If you raise these questions, and maybe many others, Le Workshop M is on your side to optimize your sales organization to reach your targets.

  • Sales support
  • Sales organization audit
  • New market development
  • Price positioning
  • Distributors prospection
  • Distribution channels
  • Customer’s journey mapping
  • Sales forecast


5, 4, 3, 2, 1… GO!

Brand new, shining and wonderful! Le Workshop M’s website is officially launched. Better late than…


Feel free to contact us!

Le Workshop M : Les lunettes de Laurent Pons
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